Playlist: Spoon

Spoon from texas knows how to play my rock and roll indie heart-strings. I have been reunited with my record collection, and Kill The Moonlight has been on my turn table all day long (and is pictured about, oh I love my new scanner). The second track on Side A “the way we get by” was the first Spoon song  I ever heard, and a catchy number. Over time I have come to appreciate the more dark and spicy Spoon songs- if you go way back to the 90’s you’ll find tons.  They have evolved into a well oiled music making machine, I wish they were more lively on stage some booty shakes and head nods would go a long way, especially for this die-hard fan. The pictures above are from when I ventured to The gorge in Washington for the annual Sasquatch Music Festival in 2008, I keep on trying to get back it is a gooden.

Spoon has a pretty nifty interactive website with intriguing photography check it out.


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