Bone of Contention: The boxes are gone.

I have a complaint. One of my joys in life (during the tower season especially) is reading- and when I am done a book putting it under the “already read” list of my Social Living account that USED to be displayed on the side bar of my facebook page was something I could look forward to, something that gave me a sense of accomplishment. A virtual pat on the back. It no longer is.

The only reason I signed up for a social living account was for that satisfaction. Now the display of my recent accomplishments is gone, even if it was just a reminder to myself to take time, get off facebook and read my book.

All “boxes” are being removed from the side bar of every facebook users account. That means my flickr box too (as seen to the left, with the tell tale message of closure). As you can see, or could have seen but now can’t, I haven’t updated flickr since I lived in Australia, but every time I logged in I was reminded to get on it and others would be reminded that Flickr was awesome and to check it out. I am disheartened. One of the main functions of facebook for me is sharing in an easy fashion, this removal is a step backwards. So much for a “social networking system” where one can rely on “social living”.

Anyways, I’m still using the system even though my boxes are gone. I have started up a B Practical Pottery facebook page. My friend Sarah suggested it. It really has been on the list to do for a long time, however I’ve been just fine with only one facebook page! Here goes nothing. You can click on the “Like me on Facebook!” ducks on the right sidebar to check it out when ever you please.


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