In the Studio: or not….

The Rockies never, never stop amazing me. Road trips make me feel small and insignificant and free but against this backdrop those feelings are increased. These are the only pictures I took on my one day marathon to Hinton. So, I haven’t been in the studio. (There is not even a studio to be in as of yet just a room. My wheel is in my car and the kiln isn’t hooked up. But the weekend brings a long and satisfying to do list). I have been roadtrip’n through Alberta.

I found my self in Calgary where I bought all the materials I’ll be needing for the studio and got to see some Aussie Exchange chums that go to ACAD. Oh ACAD.

I understand what this girl is going through- moving with nothing, moving with everything. This was my week to get settled in Nelson, good thing the week’s not over yet!

Basically the only place for potters to buy supplies in the Western Provinces are:
Ceramics Canada, Calgary

Plainsman Pottery, Medicine Hat, Edmonton

Greenbarn Pottery Supply, Vancouve

So to Ceramics Canada I went 10mins to spare before closing and got everything a potter could ever need, almost. I have used all of the suppliers listed above and all are super eager and willing to help. You can refer to he post Techno-ology: In the Glaze Room to get some glaze room inventory forms. And just in case you were wondering what those materials run these days, all the pottery supply links above with connect you to online catalogues but here is a taste of what Ceramic Canada has:

Yay for travel and chemicals!

In the studio: Updates on studio work pictures and anecdotes posted up all about the secret life of potters, this one in particular.

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