Review: A Simple Curve

I was on my way home to Nelson BC- the Kootenaies are beautiful but, I often forget that while living there. I have to go away and come back only have my breath taken away by the mountains. In preparation to the move, I ended up watching “A Simple Curve”…

A movie about a father-son woodworking operation in the Koots. The story struck a chord with me as a kid who grew up in the valley, whose father grew up in the valley, whose father grew up in the valley… you get the point. The kid in the movie has to get away to come back- a cheesy story line and ultimately my own. The script is riddled with jokes aimed at the valley’s hippie culture and two of the main characters are draftdogers. It is also nice to have a movie centralized around craft- the woodies (as woodworkers in Australia are called) will be happy to glean the shots of shifty woodwork shops and dust, sad to see the failing business. The movie is worth the scenery to me, and is scenery I’ll be driving though today on way to the garlic fest- home sweet home.

The Review: This section will be me reviewing a publication, exhibition, article.


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