Foodie: The Hills Garlic Fest

Dearest Garlic,

Thanks for keeping the vampires away at night. As much as the mainstream media has construed them as sexy beasts of love, I have seen the original Dracula and know the truth . Thirsting for human blood is not my thing although, I am a creature of the night.

Even more than your supernatural repellant power, I have been meaning to thank you for your super natural flavour and kick. You kick those nasty colds away… garlic shots all of the way! I cook with you every day. You add flavour to my everyday and keep the creeps away. Thank you.

Your fan and admirer,


P.S. Where I am living there is a restaurant dedicated to your glory where garlic loves can get together come all kinds of weather.

The food piture about is baked baby potato portobello mushroom garlic tomato casserole and salad with Paul Newman’s Parmesan Garlic dressing and homemade croutons full of garlic powder and pepper and a bit o’ basil. (I just can’t wait to get tons of garlic and feast!)

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