In the Studio: Wintertime approaches…

Why do I feel like this is me? The sun won’t come out and dry my clothing and so I will move with wet clothing. I am packing and cleaning, getting ready to move to Nelson BC, it is my last day at tower. The amount of times I’ve moved in the last three years is startling (BC, NS, AB, BC, QC, Columbia, Australia just in the last two years!) but, consequently I am one hell of a packer. I dismantled my kiln today and it is time to do a glaze inventory and winterize!

Winter and Fall takes me to Nelson, BC to set up a studio and create an fired product line, I  hope to get into stores across Canada come 2011. The end of the fire season means a chaotic re-introduction into society, but I am looking forward to it! Hazaa a new year begins! (Yeah.. my years rotate around fire seasons…).


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