Playlist: Belle and Sebastian

For my Indie contemporaries

I know my last playlist posts have been pretty twangy, and while there is a great amount of twang in me there is an equal amount of grunge, dance mixes, jazz and classical throwdowns. Belle and Sebastian are a superb group. They hale from Scotland and their allegorical pop songs are on my stereo more than most. They are also a band that I feel has embraced the fading art of the album cover. Something I lament greatly.

Check then out:

Who wants to go see them on October 20 in Seattle, WA  with me??? Just say the word!

3 thoughts on “Playlist: Belle and Sebastian

  1. Shawna says:

    I do! I’ll have to miss a couple days of class, but I think it’d be worth it… it would be ridiculously fun to go on a mini-roadtrip with you. Especially if B&S are involved!

    (P.S. Is there anyone worse than me at writing promptly? I think not, uggggh.)

    1. bpracticalpottery says:

      It certainly would be a ridiculously good road trip! Belle and Sebastian are so great it would be nice to see them in action!

      (No worries about writing! I know you are out there living a good life)

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