Pumpkin Pie: Foodie

Woosi  (an amazing potter!) eating the pie I brought to the woodfiring at ANU- third times the charm (I had a lot of pumpkim puree), made from scratch!!! None of that canned pumpkin jazz in Australia.

Speaking of woodfiring at ANU, I have been meaning to post pictures about the experience and write a little something something about it, and I will, but the wonderful Micelle Lim has beat me to it on her prompt and interesting blog. It has some entertain video’s in it including a close up of me mowing down some bread near the kiln we so aptly named “La Cocina Del Diablo”- The Devil’s Kitchen!

Check it out by clicking HERE!

For the Foodies: Show recipe I’ve cooked in the week and the picture of person enjoying it with beautiful ceramic ware.


2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie: Foodie

  1. Stephanie says:

    My Tante showed up to our house with a full cooler of fresh BC cherries the other day. So I made cherry pie! with almonds in the crust. And for the filling, a mix of cherries, almonds, orange zest, vanilla and of course all those other necessary things. Super yum! If only there were a wood firing to take it out to…

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