Muskeg Mountain Tower Kiln

I have been scrounging and drafting for a month and a half now trying to get a kiln together and in two and a half weeks time, she’ll be fired for the first time! I have been meaning to post about this forever the above list is on my wall and a constant reminder that time if fleeting, the construction paper being bleached by the summer sun.  I am making slab building tests complete with slips of all sorts. I am chopping black spruce trees up with a hacksaw, stacking wood in the mosquito dusk every night and cutting down trees so they dry out for next years firing. Living the laborious, sweaty and oh so sweet life of a potter.

There is so much to consider when building a kiln. I have designed a small woodfired soda kiln that I would like to fire only to cone 6 (1200 degrees celsius… PS check out this awesome celsius vs. fahrenheit  hoodie). The below designs are all to scale. Materials include- Soft brick (cone 9, donated my MMAQ) (walls), Fiberfax (walls, arch), metal sheeting (walls, arch, damper), cement blocks (burry box), steel beams (floor grates), Steel tubing (1ftx9ft) (chimney).

There you have it for now. If you have any questions, hints or comments please please fire them my way (ha pun).


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