Going Batty? (Lingo)


A firm barrier usually a  plaster slab or wooden circle put on a potter’s wheel head so that a pot can be made and taken off the wheel head with out having to touch the thrown masterpiece! Bats are usually secured to the wheel head by a slab of thrown clay or by pins mounted in the wheel head that fit in holes in the bat, securing the bat level to the wheel head so it does not move when throwing and ruin the thrown item.

From the Illustrated Dictionary of Practical Pottery by Robert Foumier.


It is important to think out of the box- potters are always coming up with cheaper ways to practice. Like all good things the best discoveries are accidents.

Published in the Dec/Jan • 2009/10  Volume 45 No. 10 BC Potters Guild Newsletter.

Lingo– The ceramic and art world is laden will illusive and elitist words. Here is the thing the words help us geeks to articulate! They were created to aid not discourage and so in honor of dictionaries and wordies everywhere I will define ceramic jargon!


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