Coming Up Next

I stopped by the Alberta Craft Council Gallery in Edmonton Alberta on my way up north this June to see the show “Coming Up Next” some of my work is in. (You can read a bit about my application process in my past post). It is always so nice to see your work installed in a new place by new people. I only wish I had more time to linger and chat with the staff at ACC. I had never been to the Alberta Craft Council Gallery before and let me tell you, it is a wonderful space! The array of high quality Albertan Craft on display and for sale is mind blowing, but it is done in such away that your experience with the individual works feels intimate and personal and not so large scale. The store and gallery area is a mecca of Albertan craft.

Coming Up Next is an annual show dedicated to emerging (within the first 5 years of the profession) crafts people. There was a wide variety of works present, however, glass work and ceramics stole the spot light with their numbers. Robyn Weatherley’s is a name worth mentioning, due to the voluptuous water filled decanters filled with globular glass shapes at various levels of submersion: Epic (seen in the photo below). Not to mention the fabulous Shannon Merritt a fellow grad of Kootenay School of the Arts with her charming altered vessels (also pictured below).  (Please note that all links are indicated by grey text).


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