Old Crow Medicine Show

These boys sound like home.

The album up for verbal glory on me blog this time around is: Tennessee Pusher (Nettwerk Records). Old Crow Medicine Show released it in 2008 and where as my most favorite song of theirs, Wagon Wheel , is on another album (O.C.M.S., album cover pictured above) Tennessee Pusher is a more cohesive album. It has it all and all of it is in the right order. They start off rocking, take it down a notch, then give you some steam to keep the smooth train running and leave you on a good note (Caroline then end track, a great song if I’ve ever heard one). The album talks about hardships and good times in america hinterlands. They write about life and sing their songs to save their lives with all the passion they’ve got. Methamphetamine is probably my favorite track on the album and as the name implies isn’t any fluffy pop song- “It is going to rock you like a hurricane”.

And in the name of the folk heros never pass a chance up to see them live! Now there would be a show to remember! I mean for Leadbelly’s sake, they have TWO BANJO PLAYERS! Oh, the harmonica. Oh the harmonica!

Check em’ out at their website!


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