The Absentminded Blogger

I haven’t been writing, blogging.

I have been moving and adjusting, absent mindedly shunning the blogging world.

But I am back. Back from Australia. Back from Nelson. Back to Muskeg Tower in Northern Alberta. I knew June 5th was coming, the day when I was to leave Canberra, Australia, the Australian National University Ceramics department and all my studio mates and acquaintances. It all happened so fast: transitions always do. The next few postings will be about what ‘it’ all was. Here at tower (pictured above: the view due south from in the tower on a clear day and my tower during today’s massive storm looking tall and foreboding) where I live alone in the great northern Canadian boreal forest and am paid by the government of Alberta to spot and report forest fires, you’d think I’d have some time to get things done, all of the things the busy and bustling world prevents me from doing. I always think I’ll have time to get things done. So this year the game is on. The great organization and review is on. Not to mention intense fun projects like the wood/propane test kiln I plan on building out here.

In the near future will compile a list and post it as a page where you can follow my progression or lack there of. Tons has happened, and while I’m playing catch up you’ve got the same great stuff to look forward to- much great food, random reviews and ceramic splendor.

Click here to download the  Alberta LookoutTowers map


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