Artist: Carole Epp (WebCreateDesign Part3)

What is WebCreateDesign and who is Carole Epp?

Web Design Create is a class I am taking this semester at ANU. If you are more interested in the pretense of the class, there is a class blog set up that breaks down various concerns for artists bloggers. This and the  three other posts with “WebCreateDesign” in the title are posted as an off shoot of an in-class assignment to take three artists using Web 2.0 technology successfully in their businesses. I have chosen to follow and critique three potters: Ayumi Horie, Marty Fielding and Carole Epp.

Carole Epp interests mr more for her blog following than for her work. Her blog is well known all over the world. She is a Canadian lady and subsequently all her posts are very relevant to my practice.



I was surprised to see that Carole’s website differs from her blog. I was first introduced to her work via her blog, and it is certainly not the focus her blog. Still I wonder if someone else designed the website. Either way it is easy to use, clear and attractive.



Musing About Mug is the blog that I rely on the most in all of the blogs in the blogging world. Actually most of the things I apply for either before or after I get the notion about them existing this blog helps me out. Carole posts application deadlines for residencies, shows, publications. She promotes events and shows giving all the appropriate info and links. She also lets us see snippets of her processes in the studio from time to time…It is one of the two blogs on my blogroll and it was the only one for a long long time. If you are at all interested in ceramics read this blog!



Carole has links everywhere to her Etsy site. It seems to be a way of selling that suits her well.



Carole has facebook, but for personal means, funnily enough her current profile picture has pottery in the foreground, potters are potters after all.



I am not a user of twitter- I just am not about to jump on that bandwagon, but Carole has (the only one out of the three I have chosen to check out).


She’s got it going on and on and on. Carole is a google friendly artist!

One thought on “Artist: Carole Epp (WebCreateDesign Part3)

  1. bpracticalpottery says:

    “Twitter isn’t a bandwagon it is one of the best platforms for self-promotion. Every web-savy artist, should be on it. Not only is it a great marketing tool it is also an amazing place to find inspiration. It is also a great place to network with other creatives and artists. Twitter is amazing because of it’s many uses and it is ridiculously easy to use.”

    Emailed to me from my net savvy brother.

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