Artist: Marty Fielding (WebCreateDesign Part2)

What is WebCreateDesign and who is Marty Fielding?

Web Design Create is a class I am taking this semester at ANU. If you are more interested in the pretenses of the class, there is a class blog set up that breaks down various concerns for artists bloggers. This and the  three other posts with “WebCreateDesign” in the title are posted as an off shoot of an in-class assignment to take three artists using Web 2.0 technology successfully in their businesses. I have chosen to follow and critique three potters: Ayumi Horie, Marty Fielding and Carole Epp.

Marty Fielding uses some web 2.0 technology such as a blog and etsy, oddly enough I first came across his work in a book then looked him up from there. his work is sturdy yet light, geometric yet fluid, dark yet light. It is full of balance.



Marty has his website domain forward to a wordpress blog ( This is a great example of an artist finding a permanent domain as a convention necessary but for what ever reason preferring a blog.



Marty doesn’t have a Flickr account but, I would like to take this spot up to show that Marty is represented on Flickr- or rather, his pots are. Even if he isn’t participating someone is promoting/cataloging work which includes it. Web 2.0 interfaces serve greatly as a quick, hopefully concise, network and potters of a certain caliber and circle have a presence, even if by indirectly.



Where I first found Marty on the net. It is nice to see his prices and what work he posts. There was a jug I wanted to badly for such a long time alas it is gone, I guess that means this interface is working for him.



155 Fans, I searched him and it didn’t work- then via a google search eureka. He has good images and comments frequently enough.



This video is horrid- poor Marty this gallery has taken his work and made this monstrosity- still he is “on the scene”.



It works, it worked when I couldn’t find Marty on facebook…


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