Playlist: The Wooden Sky

Folk songs of modern times. So lovely and they put on a good show. When I was doing a residency in Quebec at MMAQ this Oct. they were all I listened to.

Check them out:

The album up for review is “If I Don’t Come Home You’ll Know I’m Gone” (Black Box Records) is one great song after on great song, some danceable some ballads all sing alongable. The Late King Henry is a great track so is When We Were Young and so is Something Hiding For Us In The Night. They all have one catchy line in the song you can yell with pride and assurance you’ll be yelling the right thing. I sing in the studio. “If that mean old city got you down” I suggest you do too.

Oh and on top of being super talented and charming, they are also super gorgeous.


2 thoughts on “Playlist: The Wooden Sky

  1. Sean Fairbank says:

    They played Nelson a little while ago @ the Blue Church. Didn’t hear about it until after the show was sold out.

  2. bpracticalpottery says:

    That is a such a shame, bud. They are a very entertaining bunch. Next time you’ll have to snag tickets, where ever you are. I saw them open up for Elliot Brood (who also put on a stellar super energetic show. I caught them in Nelson and then again in Quebec).

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