The Ramble: Traveling Mug Library!

I have found the most AMAZING thing ever!

First off let me explain to you my joy in this project- If I was not a potter I would be a librarian. This a project that deals with many of my aspirations and issues of interest. Here is a bit from the website:


The Artstream Ceramic Library is a social-outreach project whose mission is to connect contemporary functional ceramics with ordinary people. Similar in structure to a literature-based library, the Ceramic Library loans out unique handmade cups made by thirteen nationally-known potters, for a period of seven days.

Social Exchange

Social exchange is the most important aspect of this project. The Ceramic Library asks that the borrower take a digital photograph of the cup in use, and encourages other art forms as well, including music, video, and visual art. The photographs and art are then posted online.

By posting the interchange between Ceramic Library cups and the art they have inspired, we hope to underscore the day to day impact that handmade functional ceramics have in people’s lives, and the amazing creativity that can be generated from this give and take. We hope that our cups will stay in circulation for many years and that creative interactions will grow and deepen over time.”

Check out how the project is progressing on their flickr site.

I am constantly amazed at how people are like-minded to me and constantly coming up with the best things. Making it happen!

2 thoughts on “The Ramble: Traveling Mug Library!

  1. bpracticalpottery says:

    “Your mom and I were talking about your habit of photographing your meals before you eat them. Thought those photographs would make interesting image transfers for the surfaces of plates or bowls.

    Also: Handcrafted mugs? Library cards? Dewey Decimal Classification System? Together??!! The pottery library idea speaks so much to your personality and imagination that I was surprised that it didn’t come from your Bridget Brain first.

    Also also: I miss you! I love your blog.”

    Left by Jody on my facebook page!

  2. Esther says:

    Hi Bridget, Sounds like a great idea and suits you to a T.
    Seems like only yesterday you arrived in Aussieland to attend clay school, will you be going back to tower now?
    Keep in touch1!!!!

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